Are you curious about how the world works?  Why the sky is blue?  How plants photosynthesize?  How antennas work?  What principles a particle accelerator exploits?  What a Turing Machine is?  How computers work?  We started this blog to simply and yet correctly describe various worldly phenomena.  Our motivation is to help you discover something new about the world or to see something in a new and interesting manner.  The blog is written to be read by a curious non-expert with basic understanding of science and technology.  Topics on this blog will range from computer science to theoretical physics to cognitive psychology.

About Kartik (Simple Scientist)

Kartik is, well, a simple scientist.  He is trained as a computer engineer and computer scientist.  He is passionate about computer system development and education.  He loves explaining the detailed and formal science behind simple and commonplace occurrences and gravitates towards topic involving computers, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, cognitive psychology, economics and statistics.  He views the world through a careful methodical, skeptical lens and takes time to appreciate the patterns behind the chaos.  He is selfification on twitter.  You can email him at simplescientist@simplescientist.net

About Emma (Curious Chemist)

Emma is am a chemist, education, skeptic and an other wise BAMF.  She currently teaches science and math to high school students and works hard to get young people excited about science and critical thinking.  She also blogs about high-level chemistry at http://blog.curiouschemist.net/.  She is sigmastarstate on twitter.  You can email her at curiouschemist@simplescientist.net

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